Aug 24, 2017
   Fringe review: Leash Your Potential   

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Ever waded through a confusing and uninformative review, trying to figure out what the show is actually like? Ever seen a review that didn't match the score, with no indication which to believe? Ever been frustrated by a reviewer who won't put aside their unfulfilled literary aspirations and just tell you if the show's any good? If so, then look no further than Juris Graney's review of Ryan Gunther's "corporate training seminar," Leash Your Potential.

In one of the best-written reviews at this year's Fringe, Graney accomplishes everything a review should: He tells us who should see the show and why; he gives it five stars, which look great taped onto a poster and idiot fringe-goers put a lot of weight on for some reason; and he provides so many beautifully-worded pull-quotes for future press releases that the show's producer will be positively spoiled for choice.

If every review could be this on point there would be no more need for a review reviewer. His sublime writing sells it so well that it's entirely possible he likes the show better than its producer. I cannot recommend this review enough.

And remember folks, how good the show actually is doesn't matter, what matters is how good the review makes people perceive it to be.

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