May 25, 2017
   Barely Legal: An Underground Comedy Show   

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Clara Dubber wrote a review of a standup show in Discorder Magazine, a publication described by its editor as "a platform for new writers, photographers and illustrators to gain experience in independent publishing", which I assume means getting used to not being paid.

The review begins by noting that it's a secret standup show and then immediately reveals the venue, calling into question whether the writer actually understands what words mean or is merely assembling sentences as a sort of arcane ritual to conjure positive feedback, similar to a cargo cult.

The description of the venue was simultaneously too long yet failed to properly set the scene, like if somebody was telling you about the wedding in Deer Hunter via emojis.

From there followed a critique of each comedian on the show, from which we can draw several conclusions. Clara Dubber doesn't know what an MC's job is. She is overly impressed by people living in New York, and probably wishes she could've gotten into NYU's writing program. She has a desire to exposit eloquent prose which far outstrips her meager vocabulary, and in fact she often fails to properly use the few words she does know.

Her final paragraph contradicts the preceding six, and makes the reader question their own comprehension of the review. If she thought the show was "surprisingly good" with "incredible comics," then were words like "mountainous," "drawling and heavy-lidded" and "banal" meant to be complimentary?

In the end, the review of Barely Legal produced some surprisingly good comedy, and Dubber was able to attract some incredible comics to hone their craft in the generous space of Facebook's comment section.

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